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2.5 mg/1mL

Inject Weekly

0.25 mg / 10 units

0.5 mg / 20 units

5 mg/1mL

*Twice as Concentrated / Inject Weekly

1 mg / 20 units

1.7 mg / 34 units

2.4 mg / 48 units

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Say goodbye to waiting rooms. Start your weight loss journey at a fraction of the cost as compared to Ozempic® and Wegovy™  - Right from the convenience of your home

Same Active Ingredient - Same Fantastic Results!


HIT Components

Alcohol Wipes

Sanitize vial before use


Refrigerate whenever not in use

Subcutaneous Supplies

Syringes & needles

Application Instructions

Prepare Site

Clean the injection site (ideally a fatty layer, such as flank or abdomen) with warm, soapy water or an alcohol wipe. Dry thoroughly. Clean the top of the vial with an alcohol wipe. Allow to air dry.

Draw Up Solution

Pull the syringe plunger down to desired units and push the needle into the top of the vial. Then, flip the vial upside down (needles still inside) and pull the plunger down to desired units, filling the syringe with solution. 

Administer Injection

Remove air bubbles from the syringe by gently pushing the plunger. Once air bubbles are visibly removed, pinch a fold of skin and hold the syringe at a 45-degree angle. Push the needle into the pinched fold of the skin and push the plunger to inject the solution. 

Remove Syringe

Release the plunger and gently remove it from the injection site. Release the fold of skin. Safely dispose of the syringe needle in an FDA-cleared sharps container.  

Things To Keep In Mind

We will guide you on your first dose, so don't worry!

The medication must be kept in the fridge

Never inject more than once a week

Fast for 12-14 hours before injecting and eat lightly the day before

Avoid dairy the day before the first few days after you inject

The starting dose is 0.1 mL -never exceed 0.5 mL

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